The Benefits of Ply Lining

The van ply lining kits we supply are designed and manufactured at a state of the art production facility in Gloucestershire UK using the latest CNC and software technology, which ensure a precision fit and fast installation to any vehicle.

To produce consistently high quality van ply linings they use exterior grade hardwood plywood of the highest quality. The material they use is both water and heat resistant and suitable for almost any trade purpose.

Protective side wall and door panels are fabricated from 6mm plywood which although extremely durable and hard wearing is also flexible enough to follow interior contours allowing a perfect finish. Protective floor panels and wheel arch covers are fabricated from heavy duty 9 – 12mm plywood.

Cosmetic aluminium floor trims are fitted as standard, all fasteners are zinc plated and high quality sealants are used to seal and bond floors and wheel arch covers.

Benefits Of Ply Lining
Commercial vehicles can represent a substantial capital outlay for many businesses. The sad facts are though, that in no time at all, hard working new vehicles can suffer internal damage caused by transporting heavy goods and equipment and by shifting loads. Ply lining a vehicle effectively increases its durability by protecting expensive body panels and reducing wear and tear, therefore increasing its useful life and residual value.

Ply lining also improves the appearance of a vehicles interior, creating a more professional image.